Bed Bug Prevention

We’ve made a list with the most useful tips to prevent any bed bug infestation.

Maintain Good Hygiene

This is always mentioned, make sure you always clean under the mattress and the mattress support, this is always helpful because it will let you know before anyone what’s going on with your bed plus you won’t give any chance to any bed bug to start their colony.

Make A Deep Cleaning Of Floors And Walls

Bed Bugs can hide at any crack you less imagine and even on the pictures on the walls, a hanging piece of wallpaper, so make sure to make a deep cleaning through any place they could be hiding. Don’t forget, bed bugs can move along big distances to feed themselves.

Wash All You Bedding Clothes

Also include bed linen, curtains, rugs, carpets and other clothing which may be related to you bed. Make sure you wash on hot water them every couple of days, this way, you will reduce the chances of getting any bed bug.

Improve Your House Eliminating Possible Places To Hide

Like for example on the wall power supplies, isolate them using tapes or any kind of bond. This way, you will close any possible entrance for the bed bugs to your home or room.

Use A Vacuum

Vacuum everything from the mattress to anything near it, pay attention to any cracks or open spaces, you should also scrub the mattress seams to remove any eggs. The vacuum won’t be enough by itself because the female bed bug applies a sticky substance around the eggs, so you will need to scratch it. Once you finished vacuuming, immediately place the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and discard in a container outside the house.

Seal It

If you ever find any bed bug on your mattress, immediately put a plastic cover, this way, they won’t have a chance to come out and will die over time inside of it. It is recommendable to keep the plastic cover for at least a year. Same thing goes for the mattress support.

Never Resell Or Donate Infested Furniture

And if you throw infested furniture, make it unattractive for others cutting or piercing the upholstery, or making it unusable or you could just place a sign that says “infested with bedbugs”. This way, people who pick it up will know what they are dealing with.

Check It Before You Bring It Home

Check the furniture before you bring it home, and never take home items such as mattresses, furniture from the trash or items which have been discarded.

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