History Of The Bonsai Tree

The bonsai tree has been cultivated for centuries, for not only decoration but also to help people keep their lives in a state of peaceful harmony. Today, the world is a hectic, chaotic mess and almost everyone endures unhealthy levels of stress at times. However, even in our fast paced world of today a person can still use bonsai art to create an environment of serenity. One way to do this is by understanding how the ancients used this art form in their lives.

The history of the bonsai tree began in early China, during the Han Dynasty, nearly 2000 years ago. Trees were first pruned to their miniature size so that their trunks would resemble various things, such as animals, dragons or birds. Many myths and legends still exist that surround the gnarled trunks of bonsai trees. Today, however, the bonsai trees are mainly trimmed so that their foliage takes precedence over any bark images. These are two of the bonsai art forms that are prized in the culture of today’s bonsai society.

Over many years, Japan and China began to integrate some of their unique cultures together and the bonsai tree was one of the many things that was incorporated into the highly cultured country of Japan. At first, only the Buddhist monks used this art form, yet eventually, the aristocracy adopted the bonsai art and it became a status symbol for many years. After this time and for many, many years afterwards, the bonsai art lay exclusively within the Japanese culture. As years passed and Japan began to open up its doors to other countries, bonsai art became highly sought after in North America for its serenity and beauty.

The bonsai tree is a unique art form that has a rich history and people all over the world now enjoy growing bonsai trees. Bonsai art was seen for so long as only being available to the rich or religious, but thanks to the technology of today’s world, everyone from the mine worker to Warren Buffet can participate in growing bonsais. If a person wants to bring a part of the past into today’s world, then bonsai trees offer a way for that to occur. Being an artist has never been easier or as much fun as it is today.

Cultivating one indoor bonsai tree is a wonderfully rewarding hobby. The key is to know which bonsai tree is perfect for indoors and which one can be trained to live for many years in a container, or bonsai pot. In order to learn more, a person can visit the internet and search various sites for their information, about not only choosing the perfect bonsai tree but also how to keep it alive for many, many years.

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