How to choose a vacuum blower

The blower is indispensable for removing leaves from the garden path. For maximum comfort, blowers are available with a shredder, with a petrol engine or electric with wire or battery. With a bag, with speed variator or on wheels, to choose the right one follow our guide. Choose the best backpack blowers.

The different types of blowers

The function of a blower is to generate a current of air strong enough to sweep away plant residues, such as leaves, and then gather them into a pile. It can also be used to clean gutters or to dry garden furniture.

Blower, blower aspirator and blower blower with shredder

A blower blows, unbelievable but true, but it can also vacuum and grind leaves and other plant residues. Depending on the model, this garden tool can be a:


Blower : in this case it just blows and has no other functions.

Vacuum blower

Vacuum blower: to avoid the hassle of having to collect leaves with a rake thanks to the suction function. The residues are sucked up and conveyed into a bag.

Vacuum blower with shredder

Vacuum blower with shredder : placed at the entrance of the bag, the shredder considerably reduces the volume of dead leaves and debris, even up to 16 times in the most performing models.

Electric blower or petrol blower?

The various models of blowers on the market use electricity (connected to the mains or battery ) or thermal energy supplied by 2 or 4-stroke petrol engines .

To choose the most suitable blower you will need to evaluate the width of the surface on which you will use it, the configuration of the terrain and the type of work you need to do. Electric models are usually more suitable for home use .

For surfaces larger than 1000 m², the choice of a model with an internal combustion engine is more suitable.

Over 2000 m², the internal combustion engine becomes indispensable.

Advantages and drawbacks of petrol-powered vacuum blowers

Unlike electric blowers, petrol blowers are heavy , noisy and pollute more .
Their maintenance is more complex , and follows that required for any other internal combustion engine. Sometimes, after long periods of inactivity, they can be difficult to start. But despite everything they give great advantages: they are very powerful and above all completely autonomous , since they allow you to move freely between trees and flower beds.

The 4-stroke engines are generally quieter compared to 2-stroke engines, and also pollute less.

Which power to choose for the blower

The power of the electric motors ranging from 750 W to 3000 W , although the majority of the blowers, electric vacuum cleaners on the market has a capacity of between 2500 and 3000 W .

The displacement of petrol blowers ranges from 25 cm 3 to 50 cm 3, up to 70 cm 3 of professional blowers.
This type of engine can generate air jets from 150 to 500 km / h with a flow rate of 8 to 15 m³ / minute.
Blowers equipped with a shredder can reduce the volume of plant residues up to 16 times.
Always choose shredders with a metal turbine rather than a plastic one, because you won’t be able to vacuum only leaves!

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