Push Reel Lawn Mowers – The Advantages of Organic Lawn Care

One of the unsung points of caring for an organic lawn is in the equipment you use to keep your lawn looking pristine and picture perfect. Yes, your lawn mower plays a vital role in helping you care for an organic lawn, and odds are that the lawn mower you’re using is potentially harmful to your lawn. It’s no secret that many rotary lawn mowers run on gasoline and oil. Sometimes this oil can leak out of the mower or drip down the sides of the mower when first poured into the machine, and we all are aware of just how dangerous gas emissions are to the environment. That’s why you should consider using a push reel lawn mower. Yes, it’s not the most appealing idea, but there are definitely advantages to it.

For instance, a push reel lawn mower is actually better for your lawn. Many rotary mowers tear at the grass, while push reel lawn mowers give you a clean cut every time they’re used. A fine cut keeps moisture in the grass blade, while keeping dangerous organisms out.

Another advantage of using a push reel lawn mower is that they are safer than your conventional rotary lawn mowers. They stop when you stop, they start only when you start, and they don’t throw rocks at you at one hundred miles per hour.

Finally, think of the price. Most rotary lawn mowers run for, at minimum, $200. That does not include the growing price of gasoline, which means you could be paying between $1 and $2 dollars every time you cut your lawn. With a reel lawn mower, you can spend as little as $65, and never spend a dime on gasoline.

There are other reasons to think of going with a push reel mower, but when you take those three reasons listed above into account, the decision should be simple.

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