Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become ubiquitous, that is, seem to be everywhere! Are smaller than mosquitoes and also much harder to kill. And more frightening than the hungriest of the vampires because it seems that we can not hide from them. Fighting bed bugs can be quite frustrating, but you can regain your home and your life. Here’s how.

To Begin

Although you try to fight bed bugs on your own, you should know that most commercial solutions to rid yourself of the infestation of bed bugs are not as effective as professional grade. Therefore it is HIGHLY recommended that you find a reputable exterminator who fight with you!

Step One

Take all clothes, shoes, pillows, etc.. and put them in garbage bags. Empty bags in the dryer. Put the dryer on high for one hour. The heat will kill any bugs you find on your way between these objects. Repeat until all the clothes, sheets, towels, etc. were dried.

Do Not Forget

All dolls, decorative pillows, blankets, towels, everything must be put in the dryer. And do not forget your pets too! Every pad, rug or blanket that your pet uses should also be dried using a high temperature.


DO NOT return the newly dried clothes in the garbage bag. Use a clean one! Dispose of bags used by putting it in a bigger bag and sealed to prevent any rebel bug escape.

Step Two

Apply the chemical solution, or have your pest control professional apply the solution to all affected areas. Exterminators will apply it in any area where bugs could be hiding, including carpets, cupboards, drawers, etc. If you’re doing it yourself, do not forget these areas!

Step Three

Use mattress and mattress covers specifically guaranteed to prevent bugs from entering all home beds. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Home monitors for any signs that the infestation is still active. If so, you may need to repeat the steps, or call the exterminators to return.


Most exterminators guarantee their work for a specified period. Review their policy before hiring them.

A Bit Of Information

An adult female bed bug measures 5.5 mm long on average, and lays an average of 5 eggs per day, continuously. She just needs to eat blood repeatedly for several weeks to begin playback. The eggs of the bug open after 7-12 days, and it takes only 6 times of blood feeding before reaching adult size.

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