Working with a Landscape Gardener

Looking at beautiful garden you must have often wondered whose masterpiece and work of hand this is. They are termed as “landscape gardener”. A Landscape Gardener designs develops, maintains, remodels gardens and landscape. The activities of a landscape gardener are various – it starts with discussing and developing designs with clients and understanding the client’s vision. A landscape gardener’s work is synonymous to that of an architect. Keeping the client’s vision in mind a landscape gardener produces designs and drawings for the prospective projects.

A landscape gardener also works upon constructing fences, walls and decking and laying as well as paving or concrete. A landscape gardener also work on trellises, pergolas, ponds, ferneries, barbecues, play structures While on a project, a landscape gardener has to take care of the minuscule details of the project. However, the work of a landscape gardener just does not end with the assembly of the garden. Even after the landscape garden is prepared a landscape gardener has to care of providing advice on garden maintenance and upkeep.

A landscape gardener works on the installation of lighting, choosing garden ornaments and even detailing the furniture suitable for the landscape garden. While providing advice on the garden maintenance and upkeep, a landscape gardener has to work on selecting seeds, plants, trees and bulbs and planting them at the accurate place for a fruitful growth.

However, before proceeding with all the other activities, a landscape gardener has to take special care of the soil. If the soil is not fertile, a landscape gardener has to take special care to treat the soil. To do the required job, a landscape gardener may purchase the required materials and equipment. A landscape gardener is required to calculate costs based on labor, materials and equipment required. A landscape gardener is required to carry out various necessary excavation, using suitable machinery if the construction job involves a huge plot and immense work. However, all the expenses are mostly paid by the clients after the cost estimates for work is submitted to the client.
A landscape gardener is required to direct and supervise the working of other members of the landscaping and the gardening team. If required, a landscape gardener can also sub-contract work which will require a huge amount of manpower. A landscape gardener is required to undertake manual and heavy work as well as be resistant towards various changing weather conditions. Besides physical strength, a landscape gardener should be creative as well as artistic. He needs to be practical, attentive and systematic in his work.

A landscape gardener is not limited to designing and constructing new garden landscape but also renovating existing gardens. A wide range of skills in gardening is used to craft a landscape that is pleasing to look at as well as functional.

Landscape gardeners work at sites which include private gardens, public parks and reserves, indoor facilities and newly developed housing estates and industrial complexes.

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